Regular servicing will make your car safer and more reliable, as well as more valuable. A car with a service history will always command a higher price than a car with none.

Standard Service from £99.95* inc. parts, labour & VAT

A service designed specifically for YOUR vehicle

Not all motorists cover the same annual mileage, or have the same driving patterns, which means different service items will require changing at different intervals.

Our Standard Service is designed to ensure that only the service items that need replacing, are replaced.

Typically, your vehicle will require a routine service every 12 months or 10,000 miles and at every service you’ll need to replace the engine oil and filter. There are also standard longevity and safety inspections that need to take place.

However, certain items may not need replacing at every 12 month interval. Items such as:-

    • Spark plugs
    • Air Filters
    • Fuel Filters
    • Cabin Filters

During the Standard Service process, we’ll inspect these items and inform you if they need replacing. Quite often cleaning or adjusting these items will prolong their useful life. Thus reducing your overall servicing costs.

*Standard 4 cylinder vehicles up to 2000cc.Call us today and allow us to start getting you true value for money from your vehicle servicing.


Fuel Saver Service from £114.95* inc. parts, labour & VAT

Based on the same lines as our Standard Service, the Fuel Saver Service will get you the best value for money from your vehicle service.
A service designed to maximise the fuel economy of your vehicle.

We’ll still carry out all the normal service checks and procedures that we carry out with our Standard Service, however, the Fuel Saver Service goes a stage further!

Over time your fuel system picks up general dirt and debris from the elements and use. The Fuel Saver Service cleans the fuel and combustion system improving the the fuel and air flow of the system.

This typically results in 10 -15% improvement in fuel efficiency – a £200 – £300 annual saving for some motorists.


Many customers have compared this saving to covering the cost of having the vehicle serviced in the first place.

*Standard 4 cylinder vehicles up to 2000ccCall us today and allow us to start getting you true value for money from your vehicle servicing.

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